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Golden Site

Golden Sites

In 2012 the plot of 12,33ha was the winner of the Golden Site Competition held by The Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency.
The plot was recognized as the best prepared location for production investments in The Lubuskie Voivodeship.
Investment Offer
Plots No. 539, 280/153, 280/154, 280/155, 280/165
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Golden Site Winner
The area
12,3042 ha
Intended use in the Local Site Development Plan
I/S/A- functions : production and service.
Distance from the National Road and Motorway
National Road No. 12 – direct vicinity.
 Motorway  A18, A4 – about 24 km.
The nearest International Airport
Wrocław - 140 km
Poznań - 160 km
Drezno - 180 km
Berlin - 200 km
The nearest railway side track
About 2 km
Electric energy
As many as 5 MW. The power can be increased according to the needs of the investor. Time of the investment is about 24 months. The maximum power is 30 MW.
About 300 m3/h. The amount of gas fuel can be increased by the amount required from the investor. Time of the investment is from 12 to 20 months.
Sewage system
2500 m3/d
1000 m3/d. DN 160
Vocational education
Vocational Secondary School in Szprotawa offers different vocational fields of study. During the education process students gain vocational experience at school workshops and are apprenticed to specialist companies.
The labour market
The present situation on the labour market guarantees employment of well-trained employees under very favourable financial conditions. On account of high unemployment the District labour costs are highly competitive in comparison with the neighboring districts and other towns of the region.
Property tax exemptions
Entrepreneur starting his business activity at the Economic Area, which is the property taken over from the former Soviet Army units, may in accordance with the Act  benefit from three-year exemptions (100%)   within agricultural, forest and property tax.
After that period the entrepreneur may benefit from public aid offered by the authorities of the District of Szprotawa, i.e. obtain property tax exemptions for entities creating new workplaces connected with the new investment.
Income Tax Reliefs
Location of the investment in the Subzone is related to the opportunity of benefiting from public aid in the form of income tax reliefs reaching as much as  55% of investment costs  eligible for aid or two-year employment costs of new personnel ( 35% for large companies, 45% for medium-sized companies , 55% for small and micro-companies. )

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